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    Stiefel Edith (Dienstag, 24 April 2018 14:00)

    Seit etwas mehr als 3 Monaten ist mein Hund Chilly taglich bei Patrizia in Obhut, da ich arbeiten muss...ein riesiger Glücksgriff!!!
    Chilly ist ein richtig folgsamer und treuer Begleiter geworden...mit Ruhe, Gelassenheit, Liebe und immensem Fachwissen hat sie Chilly soweit gebracht.
    Patrizia, vielen Dank für alles!

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    Michaela (Montag, 23 April 2018 14:34)

    Patricia has really helped our dogs Fudge and Rolo grow up into well behaved, lovely dogs. She has worked with them from six months of age, they are bigger dogs and having two teenage dogs has been a challenge for me.

    She is very insightful with dog psychology, I learned so much from her, about how to read my dog, and also how to best train and communicate with them.

    Not only did she train the dogs – she also trained me! One of our dogs had an issue with other dogs, he always wanted to go and play, and would throw a meltdown, making it very stressful for me to walk him. Patricia gave me a game plan on how to manage the situation better, and how to distract him and deal better with these encounters. This has given me so much more confidence to better handle situations.

    I have gone from dreading walking the dogs – to having them walk well on long lines, and we really are enjoying our time out with them. I know our learning process is ongoing, but I would not hesitate to reach out to Patricia again in the future to help me with any upcoming issues.

    She has a real talent, and I totally trust her judgement.